Hello, I’m Mark and this is where I write about things I’m doing in programming.

I’m currently working with Red Hat on their OpenShift PaaS platform which recently went open-source. I’m also a Ruby and Rails developer, as well as a C# programmer when it comes to the more complex jobs. I’m massively interested in the new web and it’s technologies, the cloud and cloud platforms/services and Bioinformatics (the study of Biology using Computer Science techniques) where I plan to one day complete a Masters and perhaps a PhD if I can.

I’m a fan of open-source software and try to contribute when and how I can. My biggest and best contributions to date are probably a version of the very popular Ruby Version Manager for Red Hat’s OpenShift platform, a Capybara-based Web-scraping toolkit and my testing framework for C# – Theory – inspired by the testing available to the Ruby world.

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